Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Ending & The Beginning of a New Start.

As you can clearly see, this blog is pretty much dead. Partially from my poor performance and my commitment to the game.
I have at least 10 drafts of previous blog posts, but with all that poor performances in each it sorts of disgust me.
I guess, with each day passing I am slowly losing interest in this game. It used to be "go to" event on every weekend, I would plan my deck to specially counter the decks I lost to the week before or even when I noticed a influx of certain decks appearing. But now, i lost all that enthusiasm and this game seemed abit lacklustre to me.
With such "close" official tournament losses, it would demoralize me more and more.
WCQ-SG 2012 Top 8
ASIA+ SG 2012 Top 8
Top Shop SG 2012 17th in swiss
Asia SG 2013 17th in swiss
WCQ-SG 2013 20th in swiss
Asia+ SG 2013 Top 16
And at Top Shop SG 2013, it was the final blow, I just wasnt near the cut. It proved that my performance have de-proved (Opposite of improve) and it seemed better to let it go.
I guess some of you heard/seen my name appear in HLG group, but honestly I didnt feel like a part of them. They were better than me, proving results again and again, where i was just lost to the swiss cut.
Even there were others that dont recognize me as HLG member, so I guess I didnt make the "Top Cut" to join them.
It's time I stop playing this game, Stop blogging about it as I guess I really am not fitted for the game.
Regrets? Yeah, for not being a better player and disappointing others that had some hope on me.
Well I do know during the past 2 years and ~3 months of playing (Started September 2011) , there were shots fired at me behind my back but yeah nothing I can do about it, since I am a bad player full stop.

Sorry for the sad post, but still i gotta thank this people that have helped my along the way. *In no particular order*

HLG: Wesley, Bixuan, Mike.
Poh Seng, WeeMin, Johann, Ash, Shaun Lin, Shaun Lim, Baha, Mango, Jeff, Colin, Kenneth, Jeremy, Jackie, JiaRui, Zhi Long, Sean, Sherwyn, Putra & Many more. Sorry if i didnt mention anyone that is also close to me.
You all are still my friends even after I have left ygo, and may the best to you all.

If you (the readers of this blog, if there even is),  are interested and playing ygo in Singapore, do support
http://cardzroyale.blogspot.sg/ and also check out their blog.

With all that said and done, I will move on and start blogging on other things. I have thought about my personal life and also my other gaming adventure, but i have not thought about blogging on this blog or create a separate one. Well only time will tell my next few decisions, till then.
Bye Bye and thank you for reading my blog to the end.

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