Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Ending & The Beginning of a New Start.

As you can clearly see, this blog is pretty much dead. Partially from my poor performance and my commitment to the game.
I have at least 10 drafts of previous blog posts, but with all that poor performances in each it sorts of disgust me.
I guess, with each day passing I am slowly losing interest in this game. It used to be "go to" event on every weekend, I would plan my deck to specially counter the decks I lost to the week before or even when I noticed a influx of certain decks appearing. But now, i lost all that enthusiasm and this game seemed abit lacklustre to me.
With such "close" official tournament losses, it would demoralize me more and more.
WCQ-SG 2012 Top 8
ASIA+ SG 2012 Top 8
Top Shop SG 2012 17th in swiss
Asia SG 2013 17th in swiss
WCQ-SG 2013 20th in swiss
Asia+ SG 2013 Top 16
And at Top Shop SG 2013, it was the final blow, I just wasnt near the cut. It proved that my performance have de-proved (Opposite of improve) and it seemed better to let it go.
I guess some of you heard/seen my name appear in HLG group, but honestly I didnt feel like a part of them. They were better than me, proving results again and again, where i was just lost to the swiss cut.
Even there were others that dont recognize me as HLG member, so I guess I didnt make the "Top Cut" to join them.
It's time I stop playing this game, Stop blogging about it as I guess I really am not fitted for the game.
Regrets? Yeah, for not being a better player and disappointing others that had some hope on me.
Well I do know during the past 2 years and ~3 months of playing (Started September 2011) , there were shots fired at me behind my back but yeah nothing I can do about it, since I am a bad player full stop.

Sorry for the sad post, but still i gotta thank this people that have helped my along the way. *In no particular order*

HLG: Wesley, Bixuan, Mike.
Poh Seng, WeeMin, Johann, Ash, Shaun Lin, Shaun Lim, Baha, Mango, Jeff, Colin, Kenneth, Jeremy, Jackie, JiaRui, Zhi Long, Sean, Sherwyn, Putra & Many more. Sorry if i didnt mention anyone that is also close to me.
You all are still my friends even after I have left ygo, and may the best to you all.

If you (the readers of this blog, if there even is),  are interested and playing ygo in Singapore, do support
http://cardzroyale.blogspot.sg/ and also check out their blog.

With all that said and done, I will move on and start blogging on other things. I have thought about my personal life and also my other gaming adventure, but i have not thought about blogging on this blog or create a separate one. Well only time will tell my next few decisions, till then.
Bye Bye and thank you for reading my blog to the end.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Singapore Asia Championship Qualifier 2013

With SG-ACQ2013 over, i will be doing a short review followed by a tournament report and the decklist that i used for the event in another post.

Total Participants in SG ACQ2013: 107

Top 16 consisted of
4 Incarnate Dragon
4 Spellbook
2 Verz
1 Fire Fist Lv3
1 Fire Fist Lv4
1 Destiny Arrive Hero
1 Six Samurai
1 Junk Doppel
1 Geargia Karakuri

Well the top16 breakdown shows that Singapore Meta is quite diverse, with a quite a wide spread of variety of decks. Apparently the last 4 decks were rogue decks that many people did not expect to see in the top16.And to all readers, Fire Fist Lv4 is the normal beat and grind build while Fire Fist Lv3 is the Rank 3 and Level 6 synchro spam.Elemental Dragon = Incarnate Dragon = Suppressor Dragon

And into Top 8:
4 Incarnate Dragon
2 Spellbook
1 Fire Fist1 Six Samurai

And Top 4:
3 Incarnate Dragon
1 Fire Fist

End result:
1st Place: Incarnate Dragon
2nd Place: Incarnate Dragon
3rd Place: Incarnate Dragon
4th Place: Fire Fist

Well this shows the strength of Incarnate dragon compared to other decks. If i am not wrong, there was a total of 5 Incarnate dragon that entered the tournament.Apparently Prophecy and Fire Fist were the most "hyped" in the sense whereby most players will feel that they will encounter that deck the most, well the majority died as everyone was prepared for those decks eg. Droll and Lock bird, Eradicator Epidemic Virus. etc.

More Information can be found from the organizer's Page:
& the event page with the photos

And finally like High Level Gaming FB page
& the decklist and Tournament report are up on their word press page:

Do check the links out. I will start up on my tournament and decklist in the next post soon!
Thanks for reading!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Asia 2013 Singapore: Introduction

Well Hello there! Fellow duelist, for the next few days i will be posting information regarding Asia 2013 within Singapore Meta.

This regards to Meta/Tier 1 decks including possible tech cards and also ways to counter them.
The list of decks will be separated into categories which have a similar goal process of plays.
The decks that will be discussed:

Meta/Tier 1. The decks that are popularly used in the current Meta as it has a slight advantage over other decks, in term of power/speed/consistency.

Fire Fist
Chicken Fist
Pure Mermail
Undine Mermail
Suppressor Dragons

Tier 2. This decks are not as popular as the tier 1s, but still it has dangerous attributes that can screw up plays. This decks mostly surround around boss monster which are easily summoned and a stun backrow.
Dino Rabbit

And here are decks that have endured the pass few formats. Just some decks a few players might consider to play. They can do otks/do serious advantage farming compared to the current decks. Although the consistency and power might be over shadowed by the tier 1 decks.
Black Wing
Chaos Dragons
Hero Beat
Wind Ups
Six Samurai

Over the next 3-5 days i will posting information on Prophecy, Fire Fist, Chicken Fist, Pure Mermail, Undine Mermail, Suppressor Dragons, Verz, Fire king and Sacred decks.
And a summary of the ideas, and a basic formula which might give you a boost in this current format.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Climbing out.

Well this blog has been dead for quite some time O.O
Sorry to all readers but after getting destroyed by Bixuan and Samuel during Top Shop tournament, i pretty much stopped YGO for a month plus.
Quick Update of Top shop
My score was 3-2
Round 1 VS Bixuan Mermail
He was shocked during round 1 as he expected me to play mermails, derp derp win grinding. Game 2&3 open quite decent but couldnt counter all his moves. refer to http://highlevelgaming.wordpress.com/2012/12/10/top-shop-2012-tournament-report/

Round 2 VS Bahamut84 Chaos Ninja
refer to http://duelingdays.blogspot.sg/2012/12/singapore-top-shop-2012.html for what happened.

Round 3 VS Forgot
I just remembered i won :S

Round 4 VS Samuel Heroes
His hand too strong, cant do anything

Round 5 VS Pohseng Gadgets
Mostly beat and grind, but game 3 was a lock then a win more due to a top deck archfiend.

So yeah didnt get into top 8.
And came my long long long break from YGO. I was then introduced to the team HLG http://highlevelgaming.wordpress.com/
do read their blog and yeah they are good players!
Until 2 weeks ago. Decided to play some ranking tournament and locals
Scrubbed all locals and got top 4 for 2 rankings. Damn lost alot of "skill" and combos so half the time i was derping.
Looking forward to play YGO more frequently now and asia in march.
Well now i am trying to climb up the ladder of success again.  LETS GO
Whats next to update? Banlist post?Man i need to catch up on alot of shit

Monday, November 26, 2012

Mind Crushed!

Time and time again, people have complained that at tourneys they cant get good opening hands as compared to casual games.
But now think about it, at casual games we are less stressed compared to during tourneys.
This pressure and situation created by the tourney blocks our mind which will affect our game play and thus cost us the game.
With a blocked mind, we wont be able to see the various outs, we wont be able to calculate the probability and the various ways to follow up if he opens some counters.

So in theory, it is about playing the game with a clear mind which equates into playing out of the situation, where the game will go into your favor when playing the game.

Eg. Purposely ramming into a monster with a higher defense compared to your monster just to drop tragoedia, then destroy that monster instead.

Dont play the game in a rush, consider your options and plan for the future before making a move.
This will be time consuming at the start, but you will slowly get the overall idea and mind set which will allow you to think at certain situations.
This might cause you to time out/waste alot of time easily but compared to winning the round, which will benefit you more?
It doesnt shows its effects in the short run, but it will help you clam yourself and think of a solution in that situation in the long run.

Dont throw games so quickly, your opponent might be in that blocked state of mind which allows you to take games momentum easily.
Yugioh is not all luck and plays, it is also about mind games and how to avoid being mind fcked.

Thus this blog post tittle mind crushed, dont get mind fucked and play with a clear mind.

Well honestly to admit, I am not a pro player yet. I usually forget to check my options and usually fail to be able to see the solution out of the situation. Eg. My round 2 in the 4th Asia Plus Qualifier, the spectators knew i was able to take the game 4 turns earlier but i didnt check my backrow frequently.
Another example would be the first round in SG WCQ, i forgot to storm my opponents lone backrow and i was left with a necromancer in hand. i just conceded when i saw my opponent flip a skill drain on me. I could have also flipped the storm afterwards and won the game from there. Misplay much. Sigh

Well i am slowly trying to learn how to do some pro plays so go around your local tourney shops and go watch people play, you might pick up a trick or two.

Okay this ends my post, hope you enjoyed it!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fame over Shame?

What does this tittle mean?
It is whereby famous players shark some certain ruling or do some cheating methods just to claim that win. And from what i see, is that they usually happens when the certain someone will use it against those that are not so famous. aka. random scrub like me

Eg. Shifting a monster from the remove from play zone to the graveyard in a messy game of state.
Searching/adding a certain card when scanning through the deck.
Another would be the common cheating method eg. Drawing 2 cards instead of 1 in the draw phase.
Rule sharking that you can drop the shark immediately when you get it off factory

Why do people cheat? They dont want to lose to some random scrub/person, they want to win.

So yeah as everyone says, dont just trust any famous player rulings.
If you doubt it, just ask a admin, it means no harm just to ask a certain ruling. It just takes about 2-5mins to confirm about it.
It is worth the time to prevent yourself from getting rule shark.
Check/remember cards in your opponents graveyard/remove from play zone. Try to remember position and stuff. You never know, cheating can exist in many forms. Dont get cheated on, and dont cheat too!
Be more aware of the game you are playing in.
Have some "map" or game awareness will give you an edge to win. See if he has used any of his limited cards, see how many targets does he have? This will prevent yourself from being cheated on and also allow you to calculate if you should over extend/ prepare for the worst situations you could be in.

Anyway time for some random information what is happening to the current YGO society.
- Alot of people going around saying they are SG Champ and the epic suanning wars.
- 2 New blogs that are gonna be publish/created soon. One from Johann, namely High Level Gaming which is greatly anticipated. And one from Eustace from Team.YGO
- Top shop last 4 slots from the 2 shops are gonna be epic. Who will be able to fill those slots?? It is gonna be a great mystery. I see lots of good players in the top shop. Challenge accepted!
- I will go chop/pull some people up during the last 2 top shop, meh lets take it as "testing deck session" xD
-The moulinglacia(+Grandsoil but he is an extra) mat for TCG YGO Regional 2013 looks damn sexy. =/ i wanna get one
- The new set Cosmo Blazer looks exciting with new splashable cards. Breakthrough skill, one turn slower effect veiler? But yeah the archetypes looks so-so compared to the 2 card combo with Wind Ups. Though i heard that there is a 2-3 cards combo with fire fist, but the amount of promos = bomb in the pocket =X
-The gold series at the end of the year looks promising too. Effect veiler, naturia beast, macro cosmos,solemn warning gold secret rare?Time to foil some staples. Though being greedy, i wish maxxc is in the set too :D
Cool story bro. Needs more random and shit cards inside the set to devalue it. =.=
Still in school typing this out, well screw my life. End class at 930pm, kthxbye. Till the next post!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Top shop Qualifier 11/11/12 + Updates

So i went down to my 4th Top shop qualifier after going top 4, top 8 and top 8 at dhoby ghaut, thousand taste trading and ttz trading respectively. All three of them using my kifernity ( Infernity).
Well with most shops' representative slots taken up, the only way to enter top shop qualifier now is to qualify through the ranking tournament system.

So after quite some time of scrubbing at the brim, i have decided to change to another deck to see if it would have made any difference in my performances in qualifying for the top shop event.
Well every deck has a master/pro so after consulting the SG best mermail player Bixuan and since i had the full mermail set i decided to make one and try it out anyway.
It was a very last minute thing, i was practically building the deck until 4am the morning of the tournament.
Though i was still quite energetic during the tournament anyway haha.

Off to the tournament report.
Number of players: 38!
Woah wtf man why so many players. Saw quite a few familiar/ representatives from other shops too.

Round 1: Top 38->32
Didnt play this round as they just wanted to cut the number of players to 32 for the ease of doing the swiss rounds.

Round 2: Top 32-> 16
Player: Qing Fu
Deck used: Heroes
Game1: He started off strong with Pot of duality grabbing gemini spark, then E call then stratos searching alius, effectively thinning his deck by 3. He set 1 and ended turn. I mst his face down during my turn and proceeded to derp with undine and combos. After grinding some time, my hand of 6 + empty vs his field of alius and stratos with 1 backrow and no hand, i dropped my gorz which i was holding for quite some time and i proceeded to push his advantage to zero. Won the game through advantage.
Game2: He duality his E call, and E call his alius and proceeded to summon it and set 2. I set my mst and my sphere and ended my turn. During his turn when he tried to declare a direct attack, i tried to open my sphere and he counters it by sparking my sphere, and i chained mst to his other facedown which was a duality. With his empty field i wasnt afraid of being stopped, but my hand was quite crappy as i couldnt farm off the sphere the previous turn and i just summoned a spike to change my current stuck moulinglace into a undine. He proceeded to farm off advantage too with his stratos as i had no backrow and continued to derp. He set 2 end turn. Next turn he flips soul drain which i have no outs to, So i died eventually.
Game3: Revenge time! Undine farm on first turn, sphere set. Managed to Otk him  on turn 5 with megalo, marksman and moulin glace and ending him with no hand no field no future.

Round3: Top 16->Top 8
Player: Wesley
Deck used: Wind Ups
Game1: He baits me with his rabbit and factory making me chain my mst on the factory. With 2 other set face down, i tried to do my combos but was stopped by his face down bottomless trap hole and i went down hill as i couldnt clear his zenmighty and rabbit so he farmed like mad.
Game2: Over advantage with undine and dragoon farming.
Game3: He wind up shark and wind up magician which i couldnt stop and he shock ruler call monster effect and i couldnt drop my gorz.
He let me up since he already is a shop representative in Full Yen, so yeah haha conspiracy!

Round4: Top8->Top 4
Player: Marcus
Deck Used: Dimensional Skill Drain Beat
Game1: He couldnt get the Comos up and with my sphere spike heavy infantry plays , he lost advantage eventually and killed him
Game2: He did some Dimensional Prison plays and monster removal, though he almost made giant killer using 2 barboros but i bottomless his giant killer so i managed to control the board from there.

Round5: Top4->Top2
As putra just got a call from Audio Ventura with his name being confirmed as a shop representative inside, so we decided to just play for the fun of it.
Deck Used: Agents
Game1: Managed to Dprison his kristya and he went down hill from there
Game2: I drew badly with moulinglacia and the rest spell and trap
Game3: He maxxc me when i summoned diva and i was like "aiya my hand same size as him, but i got more field just go for it." He draws the kristya with 4 fairies in grave in his next turn. FML

Well I am seeded in top shop so yeah, quite happy about it :D
I want to thank Wesley, Bixuan, Weemin, Pohseng, Johann and Alvin Putra that was there that day to help me up during this Top Shop Qualifier Event.
So i heard Team Putra, Team Insane Tech, Baha's Team, Team Koi and Plant's Team (Left Samuel only) are seeded in. Hmmm what will happen over the next 4 qualifiers?

I have sort of recovered from my all time low with help of some close friends advice and consultation, they really mean alot to me and yeah i should be back into the game. Though i scrubbed yesterday at ah soo, i am more determined to make my deck list better and probably win the Top Shop Event :D
Well currently what makes my drive to continue playing on is my goal to attain my self proclaim goal of setting a rookie of the year award (lol) , just top every event you join within 1-2 years of joining YuGiOh competitively.
Hopefully i will be able to shout "Achievement Unlocked!" soon.
Well this ends my post, till next time!

I have came to my senses and I am back with more determination!